How Can I Reduce My Athletic Child’s Risk For Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury is the disruption of brain function following head injuries, such as concussions. Car accidents and falls can cause traumatic brain injuries, but their incidence is rare in comparison to the multitude of concussions resulting from contact sports. Parents concerned about long term cognitive function of their athletic children will be pleased to learn about the new G-Force Tracker, an impact counter that fits into the helmets of football, hockey and lacrosse helmets.

Impact counters have been marketed previously; however, the G-Force Tracker is the first to be developed in collaboration with medical professionals. The Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit dedicated to brain injury research, paired a number of impact counter developers with University of Ottawa Neurotrauma Impact Laboratory researchers to design products that can not only count head injuries but also sense the severity of impact.

“I track the number of steps I take each day to lower my risk of heart disease,” said a New England Patriots linebacker. “I owe it to my son to count the number of hits to his head in sports to lower his risk of concussions and subconcussive brain damage.”

I Need A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

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