How Can Winter Gear Can Save You in a Motorcycle Accident?

November has arrived, and with November, comes freezing wind, rain and snow. Fortunately, has been thinking about motorcyclists during the winter season in their Expert Advice column entitled “The Best Cold-Weather Motorcycle Gear.”

For motorcyclists, effective and well-fitting winter clothing and gear is necessary for safe and alert riding. As such, waterproof, abrasion resistant and thermal lined gear can help you concentrate on the road rather than concentrate on how cold it is outside.

Jackets are an essential piece of equipment, because they need to be breathable, flexible, durable and protective. Many jackets, including thermal options, are available. Obviously, wearing layers is helpful for staying warm and for a little extra protection in the event of a minor accident.

Airbag vest technology is really getting a lot better. CO₂ cartridges can turn on airbags in the event of a crash in less than a second. Airbag vests are designed to protect the upper vertebrae, and the more up to date versions are reusable so long as the vest has not been damaged in the crash.

Riders can find protective and winter-resistant gear all over the internet. We recommend taking the preventative measure of buying appropriate equipment so that you can be alert and safe during the winter season.

Need a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Colorado?

The winter weather in Colorado can make driving difficult for even the most seasoned motorcyclists, especially if the cyclist is trying to avert a negligent driver.

If you have been in an accident with an at fault driver, then call our attorneys at the Metier Law Firm. We specialize in accidents involving motorcyclists and can take on cases ranging from minor to more severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or wrongful death.

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