How Do Gas Prices Relate To Motorcycle Accidents?

“There is definitely a trend with new unit sales when gas prices go up,” said a spokesperson for the American Motorcyclist Association. Due to their incredible fuel efficiency, motorcycles seem like a practical solution for many amidst rising gas prices.

“We do see kind of a frenzy in the dealership when gas approaches $5 a gallon,” said the owner of a Honda motorcycle dealership. “I suspect we get back in our pickup trucks when prices go down.”

This results in an increased number of novice riders on the road. Unexperienced riders are especially at risk for motorcycle accidents when they purchase super sport bikes without the experience to handle them. The safest route to becoming a skilled motorcyclist is to learn road awareness on a lower power motorcycle and save the Ducati for middle age.

Unfortunately, many novice riders purchase super sport bikes as their first motorcycle. There are special classes that novice motorcyclists can take specifically for super sport bikes, but they are not legally mandated. As such, most new motorcyclists with super sport bikes simply take the standard motorcycle safety course and are ill-equipped to handle their powerful vehicles.

I Need A Personal Injury Attorney That Handles Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney that understands traffic safety from the motorcyclists’ perspective. At the Metier Law Firm, LLC, our attorneys are all experienced motorcyclists with firsthand experience of the joys and hazards of the road. For more information about how we can assist in your particular circumstance, do not hesitate to give us a call.

[Did You Know: According to a National Institute of Health study, motorcycle purchases rose 50 percent when gas prices rose 98 percent in the early 2000’s.]

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