How Do Motorcyclists Stay Safe in Winter?

As the weather gets colder, many motorcyclists retire their bikes in favor of warmer, and safer, transportation. Those who choose to continue riding, however, face serious danger from weather and road conditions.

Snow and ice can create slick patches on the road, limiting traction and causing wheels to skid. Rain, fog and snow can also limit visibility for motorcyclists as well as other drivers.

Cold Weather Motorcycle Tips

For those motorcyclists braving Colorado roads this winter, a few tips can help you stay safe and aware:

Reduce Your Speed: Wet roads can be tricky, so make sure you slow down to accommodate.

Beware of Fog: Fog can be common in the fall. Make sure your lights work properly to maximize your visibility to other drivers. Reduce your speed and drive defensively, remember other drivers may not see you!

Watch Out for Ice: Rain can easily turn into ice or snow during winter. If you must ride your motorcycle, avoid tunnels and bridges. Try to stick to areas with enough sunlight to keep ice from forming.

If you see ice, do not try to brake! You could lose control and skid. Instead, try to steer through it and regain control on the other side.

Follow the Tracks: If you must travel in snow, try to follow tire tracks in the road. Well-traveled areas do not collect as much snow and ice. If you can, travel with your feet out to the side to prepare for skids.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Colorado

As avid supporters of Colorado’s motorcycle community, Metier Law Firm wants to remind all Colorado riders to stay safe on the roads this winter. If you have questions about a motorcycle accident, talk with one of our motorcycle attorneys today.

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