How Does The Military Address Motorcycle Safety?

In recent years, military officials noticed an increase in motorcycle purchases among servicemen and women.

“A lot of these soldiers, they go for pretty long deployments, save up some money and, especially the younger ones, they like to buy some toys with that money. A lot end up buying a motorcycle,” said the safety manager for the Army 7th Special Forces Group.

Given that young motorcyclists are the most likely to be injured in a motorcycle accident, the military has launched a new safety initiative. The new program requires military motorcyclists to attend motorcycle safety courses, wear protective clothing and attach reflectors to their motorcycles. In addition, military motorcyclists are required to attend rallies hosted at nearby bases to meet with more experienced motorcyclists. Similarly, the program sponsors educational mentor rides in which older motorcyclists can pass on valuable safety information to new riders.  “We’re really pushing the program everywhere, to keep service members continually aware,” said the program manager.

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[Did You Know: In the Florida panhandle, annual military motorcycle fatalities have decreased from 50 to roughly 10 since the new regulations.]

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