How Much Would You Pay For Your Dream Motorcycle?

CustomChopperSo how much did your first motorcycle cost? Was it a treasured inheritance from a parent, or did you make a deal with a college student down on their luck? Everybody has a story about buying their first motorcycle, and most likely they had a pretty short budget, but now you are older, now you can get creative…

How Much Would You Pay For Your Dream Motorcycle?

Everybody has heard of Ducati. They’re red, Italian, and have a v-twin power plant that sings a song that every Ducatisti dreams of. The latest sport bike from the Italian mark—the Panigale—claims to have no frame and costs around $33,995 in R trim. Their cruiser-ish Diavel Titanium model can cost up to $27,995, but if you want a cruiser, why not go for the gold standard?

Harley-Davidson offers their CVO Road Glide Ultra for a mere $40,299. The 2016 model features comfortable leather seats, an infotainment center, and custom paint options that promise to make your jaw drop. However, not all riders are drawn to sport bikes and cruisers. Some people prefer their bikes exotic.

Ecosse Moto Works has a factory in Denver that produces one of the most unique bikes in the world. The Ecosse FE Ti XX features a 200 horsepower supercharged V-twin engine with 210 lb-ft of torque wrapped in a titanium frame, but you will pay through the nose for this type of exotica. The FE Ti XX costs $300,000!

Different riders have different tastes and riding styles, and there are bikes available for everyone who wants to hop onto two wheels. Head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know what your dream bike is, and keep following our motorcycle accident blog for news and information about riding in Colorado.

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