How Often Are Car Accidents Caused by Reckless Driving?

Seven people in Adams County suffered injuries last week when a 100-mph street race between a Volvo and a motorcycle caused a devastating collision. During the high-speed race, the Volvo lost control and slammed into a Nissan. Two of the Nissan’s occupants were ejected from their vehicle and sustained serious injuries. Following the wreck, the motorcycle fled the scene and has yet to be located.

Car accidents cause tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries annually. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gathers data on traffic accidents from all 50 states and publishes the findings. In 2012, the NHTSA reported that 2.236 million people were injured in car accidents and 33,561 were killed. One third of car accident fatalities in 2012 were alcohol-related crashes caused by reckless drivers.

Should I Seek Damages?

Surviving a car wreck can have a lasting negative financial and health impact by causing disability, loss of life and loss of income. Some of the most common injuries sustained during and after a car accident include a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, burns, back injuries and psychological injuries. Treating these injuries and loss of quality of life can be extremely financially costly.

Can I Sue the Other Driver If I Have Been Hurt in a Car Accident?

If a reckless driver injured you in a car accident, it is wise to hire legal counsel to get compensation for your injuries and to hold the other driver accountable for their irresponsible actions. If you have questions about your car accident, please reach out to our personal injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm.

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