Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber Therapy for TBI

A retired Army brigadier general/psychiatrist is recommending traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims try an alternative therapy that uses pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to alleviate the symptoms of their injuries.

When William Cook stepped on an IED while deployed in Iraq, he lost part of his left leg, damaged nerves and tendons in his right leg and lost tissue in one arm. He was also left suffering severe headaches.

“My memories have never been the same,” he said. “Suddenly I’ll be angry, and then I’ll be sad, and it’ll just come out of nowhere, and it’ll be extreme and it’ll make no sense.”

Cook tried several doctors and multiple medications, but nothing seemed to help. Then a friend referred him to Dr. Stephen Xenakis. The retired brigadier general recommended that Cook try a new treatment using a hyperbaric oxygen tank.

For treatment, patients lie in the tank for an hour. They are submerged in 100 percent oxygen under increased pressure, similar to going 17 feet under water.

Treatment involves 40 sessions, but patients typically begin to feel better around 20 sessions into the treatment. Mood improves, headaches fade and they feel more alert and focused.

Cook has almost completed his 40 treatments and says he is feeling almost like his old self.

Treatment runs $250 a session and is not covered by insurance. Veterans, however, may receive treatment for free.

This is excellent news for those who suffer from TBIs. While the symptoms may never completely disappear, anything that can help achieve a semblance of normalcy is a step forward.

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