Iconic Easy Rider Bike Up for Sale

“Easy Rider” was one of the most iconic motorcycle movies of the 1960s. Now, a Los Angeles collector is selling the iconic chopper that Peter Fonda rode in the movie, holding an official auction on October 18.

The bike features the same forward-angled front wheel and handlebars, fishtail exhaust pipes and teardrop-shaped gas tank that made it famous. Fonda insisted that the bike be decorated with the American flag, so the gleaming panhead chopper is still covered with its trademark stars and stripes.

Four motorcycles were created for the movie, but only one survived filming. Dan Haggerty, another famous name, was in charge of maintaining the bike on set. After the movie was finished, Dennis Hopper told Haggerty to just keep it.

The bike’s current owner is a longtime Easy Rider fan who used to own a motorcycle-themed restaurant with Fonda himself. Haggerty sold him the bike last year, after he had a sudden realization:

“I realized how important it was,” he said. “The public needs to see it. It’s that iconic. It needs to be on a podium.”

The historic piece boasts three letters of authenticity from the National Motorcycle Museum, Dan Haggerty, and from Peter Fonda. The customized Captain America chopper is expected to sell for upwards of $1 million.

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[Did You Know: Four bikes were created for the film Easy Rider, but three were stolen before the movie was even released.]

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Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/easy-rider-motorcycle-to-go-on-sale-at-auction/

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