Illinois Governor Passes Pair of Motorcycle Laws

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn passed two motorcycle laws this month.

  1. 1. Free Pass Through Long Red Lights

The first law gives motorcyclists a right that many motorists will likely covet. With the exception of Chicago, riders in Illinois can now go through red lights if the light has stayed red for longer than two minutes. The law was created because sensor-activated traffic lights sometimes fail to sense a motorcycle, since they weigh less than an automobile. As long as the intersection is clear, riders no longer have to wait until the light turns to get on their way.

  1. 2. No More Wheelies

The second law cracks down on motorcycle stunts called wheelies, in which the rider raises the front wheel and rides solely on the rear wheel. If a cop catches you popping a wheelie, you face a $100 fine. A second offense could cost you $1,500 and six months in jail. Three times and you might spend up to a year in jail and pay fines up to $2,500.

The governor also approved a provision that requires motorcycle riders to keep one hand on the handlebars at all times.

Riders have voiced strong support of the first bill, saying that they often spend several minutes waiting for a red light to turn green at an empty intersection. The second bill has received a less enthusiastic response.

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