Injured in a Car Accident? Advice from Past Clients on Legal Representation in CO

Former Clients Sheila and James on their Personal Injury Case

When you have been injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident, it is incredibly important to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. In this video testimonial, past clients Sheila and James explain their experience having their accident case handled by our Colorado injury lawyers.

Our law firm handles a variety of personal injury cases including but not limited to catastrophic injury from motor vehicle accidents. If you have been harmed by the negligence of another party, call us at (866) 377-3800. We have offices in Colorado and Wyoming, but serve clients nationwide.

Video Transcription:

How did you find the Metier Law Firm?

We found out about the Metier Law Firm as a referral from another law firm. Our case crossed into Wyoming and the attorneys we had been working with didn’t have jurisdiction in Wyoming so they referred us to Metier Law Firm. Luckily, the referred us to Metier. I’ll say that.

What was it like to work with attorneys Patrick DiBenedetto and Tom Metier?

You could just tell that they genuinely cared, not just about you, not just about your case but about everything that was going on in your life as well, and they were very very sincere, very helpful, with basically everything that they, every approach they took, every aspect through the entire process. I just felt I had not just an attorney, but I had a friend, I had somebody that was there that was really wanting, you know, to help us. That’s a good feeling after having prior to that just feeling almost helpless, like overwhelmed and helpless.

How was your case handled?

They took a lot of time to educate us on the process. I felt like they didn’t leave any stone unturned. I felt like they understood who we were and took the time to understand who we were and how this accident impacted our lives, how it had changed our lives. And beyond just the physical stuff as well, too. Emotional, physical, and they really helped us realize the long-term impacts that this accident had on us, too, and prepared us for that. So I felt like they just were very good about educating us about the entire legal process and they were so kind and so helpful and it just made us feel like we could go through it. They let us cry, they let us be happy, they let us yell, swear, because that happened more than once. They let us go through all the emotions and I never felt like they weren’t going to support us. They were our biggest cheerleaders.

Did the results of your case meet your expectations?

The results did meet our expectations. I think we didn’t know what to expect in the beginning because we had been so poorly directed that we didn’t know what to expect. But when we went into the trial, watching Tom and Patrick do our case was absolutely amazing and the results that we got were beyond what I would’ve expected, especially going into it. I feel as though that it provided us with an outcome that was fair, that has now allowed us to continue our lives on a path where we can receive the medical services that we need, we can get our needs met and we won’t be negatively impacted financially because of the hard work they put into getting a positive end result to our case.

Would you refer others to Metier Law Firm?

Absolutely. Yes, without question, I think that they’re an outstanding law firm. All their staff is amazing. Tom and Patrick, I cannot say enough good things about. I think that they’re amazing and we adore them and we hold them in very high regard as attorneys in this community. And not just attorneys, as well, but just like, they’re just good people. That’s what, I mean, for me that’s huge in itself. Like, they’re phenomenal attorneys, but they’re good people.