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How Did a Parker Daycare Center Cause Chemical Burns on Two Little Boys?

When a Parker mother arrived at the daycare to pick up her son, she was met by a teacher at the door. The teacher informed the woman that her child and another boy had gotten into a marker fight. That’s when the boy told his mother that his throat hurt. An abrasion on the boy’s neck seemed harmless at first, but the family would soon learn that it was a chemical burn. That wasn’t the only discovery this boy’s parent would make.

Chemical Burns at a Daycare Center Start a Colorado Lawsuit

The other boy involved in the marker fight was also experiencing pain. Red marks under the other boy’s eyes eventually scabbed over. A pediatrician told the boy’s parents that he had also sustained chemical burns.

The parents of the two boys confronted the daycare about the injuries, and eventually the school let them see video footage of what happened. The parents were horrified by what they saw as excessively rough behavior as the teacher roughly grabbed the children and scrubbed their faces. The parents wanted the video released to the police, but the school refused. They were even more shocked to learn that magic erasers—sponges filled with cleaning chemicals—were used during the scrubbing session.

This incident, and the slow investigation by Child Protective Services, has led these parents to team up and take action. Their first stop was with Parker police to report the May 22nd incident. Their next stop was the courthouse.

These families have filed a lawsuit against the daycare, its parent company and the teacher at the center of the controversy. They want the responsible parties to be held accountable, and they want other parents who take their children to this daycare to know what went on.

When it comes to the safety of a child, there is little a good parent won’t do to protect them. However, some parents don’t realize that a lawsuit can also be a tool for help. Consulting an attorney with experience helping children of all ages is a viable option for any parent who is concerned about injuries to their child.