Is the 2018 Colorado Motorcycle Season Getting Off to a Bad Start?

Silver car hits a motorcycle

The 2018 Colorado motorcycle season has finally begun! Have you taken to the wide-open road yet? Well, some riders are getting their riding started early, but what kind of conditions are they finding out there? Public officials want you to be safe out there while riding, and so do the attorneys who ride at the Metier Law Firm.

The 2018 Colorado Motorcycle Season Is Just Getting Started

Last year, Colorado saw a 20 percent decrease in motorcyclist fatalities. This was spectacular news considering that, in 2016, the number of fatalities related to motorcycle crashes was at an all-time high. This means that efforts by the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Colorado State Patrol may have paid off when it came to saving the lives of motorcyclists last year. However, such achievements can’t be taken for granted.

On the afternoon of March 18th, a Fort Collins motorcyclist was injured when a Dodge minivan took a left-hand turn in front of the bike. The Honda motorcycle plowed into the right rear quarter panel of the Dodge. And though he sustained serious injuries, the 33-year-old rider survived the crash and is now recovering in a local hospital.

Just one day before that incident, a couple from Durango was riding through Bayfield when a Subaru Forester took a left-hand turn in front of their 2007 Harley-Davidson. The crash sent a 53-year-old woman who was riding as a passenger to the hospital with critical injuries. Her 48-year-old husband did not survive the crash.

These two crashes are only a small sampling of incidents that have happened since riding season started. Officials are asking that riders remain vigilant and keep honing their skills in motorcycle safety courses and other motorcycle training classes. Authorities also continue to warn drivers to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, since automobiles are the most common cause of these types of crashes. We want to continue the downward trend when it comes to motorcycle fatalities, so as long as everyone does their best, we can avoid tragedies like the ones that took place just a few short weeks ago.

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