Is The CBR600RR Dead?

It’s dead, Jim. The Honda CBR600RR is dead… If you live in the European Union that is.

Is The CBR600RR Dead?Law Tigers Colorado Sponsors Thunder in the Rockies and Forever Family Ride

Next year the EU is rolling out its new Euro4 emissions regulations, and many motorcycles of the 600cc variety won’t meet this new standard. That means a whole lot of manufacturers are going to have to redevelop their machines. This can be a very costly prospect—so costly that Honda doesn’t want to bother.

You see, Honda has had a mid-range sportbike model for its European, and mostly British, market for almost 30 years. In the 1990s the manufacturer was selling 4500 CBR600Fs in the United Kingdom every year, but this year it only shipped 150 CBR600RRs (according to Motorcycle News.) Since it appears that the CBR600RR isn’t moving well in the rest of Europe either, the big red motorcycle manufacturer has determined that making a new 600cc sportbike just wouldn’t be profitable. So Honda is reportedly discontinuing the model instead of updating it.

Does That Mean No More Honda Supersports?

This is bad news for Europe, but it really doesn’t affect the American market all that much. Since we don’t have Euro4 regulations to meet, the bikes in our country don’t have to meet these new emissions requirements. That means you will still be able to go to your local dealer and pick up a CBR600RR. It also means that a random European tourist might try to buy it off of you to take it home.

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