Is There a Link Between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Homelessness?

Science is constantly discovering new information on the challenges facing people with traumatic brain injuries.  Most recently, St. Michael’s Hospital released a study stating that almost 50 percent of homeless people suffered from some form of traumatic brain injury.

Of those affected, 87 percent had sustained the injury before losing their homes, most often during their childhood or teenage years.  While a traumatic brain injury can be physically harmful, with symptoms like brain swelling, loss of coordination, and nausea, it can have damaging psychological implications as well.

Due to the link between traumatic brain injuries and “mental health issues, substance abuse, seizures and general poorer physical health,” researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital urged social workers and law enforcement to be aware of the effect these injuries have on the homeless population. When dealing with these individuals, knowing what factors influence their behavior can make a huge difference, and help both sides communicate better.

While some no doubt suffer from alcohol and substance abuse, this study offers a new perspective on mental illness among the homeless, and the far reaching consequences of traumatic brain injury.

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