Job Fair Pairs TBI Victims with Cooperating Businesses

On Friday July 25, the Celebrate Independence Job Fair helped victims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other disabilities find work with accommodating businesses.

The networking event was organized by the Independence Center, a service provider for the disabled community working in eight counties in Colorado. More than 40 businesses showed up at the Freedom Financial Services Expo Center, offering jobs to applicants with certain disabilities.

The job fair was part of a two-day event intended to help attendees “participate and contribute” in the workforce despite their disability. Advocates like the Independence Center believe that employment can help TBI victims lead fuller, more independent lives.

Participating businesses ranged from Waffle House to Colorado Springs Utilities to Ace Hardware and FirstBank. Some recruiters received as many as 30 applications.

Employment After a Traumatic Brain injury (TBI)

Despite the high level of interest, disabled individuals face significant obstacles when seeking employment. The government offers two forms of federal benefits for the disabled, and both forms limit the hours they can work and the amount of money they can make.

Disabled workers risk losing everything if they violate certain federal restrictions. Employers must also abide by complex requirements for employing the disabled, making it difficult to incorporate them into the workplace.

Traumatic brain injury victims can face lifelong difficulties finding employment, housing and affordable medical care. They will almost always need special accommodations, which can cost significantly more than standard care.

Organizations like the Independence Center and the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado help TBI victims find resources and programs to meet their needs.

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