Judge’s Tears Require Removal From Case

An El Paso County district judge came to tears in the sentencing of a teen mother for child abuse, causing him to remove himself from presiding over the trial of her co-defendant.

Samantha Salaz, 19, and her 20-month-old daughter, Alexis, were at the home of Mary Horsley last April when Horsley became angry with Alexis for spilling a drink. As punishment, Horsley bound the girl with electrical tape and left her under a running shower. Salaz, Horsley’s niece, did nothing.

Salaz pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury. While announcing her 24-year sentence, Judge Anthony L. Kennedy was overcome by tears, telling the court that he keeps a picture of Alexis on his desk to remind him of people’s capacity for cruelty.

50-year-old Horsley is due for trial in November on charges of trying to kill Alexis. Horsley’s defense questioned whether Judge Kennedy should preside over the case after his display. Kennedy, after initially resisting, decided to recuse himself from the trial.

The father of Alexis, who did not even know of her existence until the media coverage on the case, has taken custody the brain-damaged girl, nurturing her through her slow recovery.

Have you or has a loved one suffered brain damage as the result of another’s actions?

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