Just Because It’s Cold Outside Doesn’t Mean Motorcycle Racing Has to Stop!

Snow is falling, the temperature has dropped and it really doesn’t seem like good weather to be out motorcycling. Perhaps that’s why most motorcycle racing leagues call it quits when the winter months arrive, but not here in Colorado. When snow falls and lakes freeze over, it’s time to pull out the studded tires and get to motorcycle ice racing!

It May Be Cold Outside, But It’s Never Too Cold for Motorcycle Racing!

Every year, Harry’s Roamers Motorcycle Club does something special for Colorado motorcycle race fans. The club rents out the Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout—local fish hatchery and ranch—and rope it off for a unique racing extravaganza. Over 300 competitors in 32 classes compete for bragging rights, and for money if they’re competing in the pro class. This is all part of the Harry’s Roamers Championship Ice Racing Series, and hundreds of spectators come out to play every year.

This year, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb champion Codie Vahsholtz is expected to return to this 51-year tradition. He’s won several of the pro class events in previous years but you never know what could happen when you get out there on the ice. There will also be racing on quads, and special electronic timing equipment will be used for the first time.

Who do you think will win this year’s races? Will you go to check out the action? Will you sign up to participate in one of the many classes? Tell us about your Harry’s Roamers experience by heading over to our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also learn more about the motorcycling events going on in the Colorado area by following the attorneys who ride at the Metier Law Firm.

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