Kansas Woman Flattened by Florida Beach Patrol Pickup

On July 31, 2011 a Kansas woman was run over by a beach patrol truck while sunbathing on a beach in Volusia County, FL.

By “run over” I mean the vehicle literally drove on top of her. And by “her” I mean her head.

The lifeguard who was driving the truck had been travelling in the designated lanes when he was flagged down by another sunbather reporting  glass on another section of the beach. The lifeguard made a U-turn to go back the way he came, his front wheel went outside the travel lane and over the head of 33-year-old Erin Michelle Joynt.

The lifeguard, 21-year-old Thomas Moderie, Daytona Beach, has worked for the county off and on for about five years and has a spotless record. However, other reports indicate that while he had a received a manual for driving on the beach, he had yet to take the 16-hour beach driving course. But you can’t really blame his lack of training for the accident, because this is the third time that a Florida beach patrol vehicle has run over a sunbather in the past year.

The most recent incident occurred back in May when a different lifeguard drove a beach patrol truck over a sunbather’s arm and hand. So while Moderie is responsible for the most recent accident, he is really a symptom of a larger problem.

This latest incident has prompted county officials to consider removing the trucks from their patrols. Perhaps, had they done so sooner, Erin Joynt wouldn’t be in the hospital in stable condition and Thomas Moderie wouldn’t be facing charges for, and dealing with the guilt of, running over a woman’s head.

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