Kevin Pearce Documents Traumatic Brain Injury in HBO Documentary

Former pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce is using his documentary “The Crash Reel” to document his own struggles with traumatic brain injury and raise awareness about the issue among young people.

Heading into the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Kevin Pearce looked like he was headed for Olympic greatness as the top rival for celebrity snowboarder Shaun White. He was focused on the winter games, adhering to a strict diet and training fiercely on a private half-pipe provided by his sponsor, Nike.

In December 2009, Pearce was trying to perfect a particularly difficult double-cork trick when he caught the toe-side edge of his snowboard coming out of a spin and slammed face first into the pipe. His teammates and family looked on, horrified as Kevin slid lifelessly to the bottom of the pipe and was later flown to the hospital via helicopter.

His documentary “The Crash Reel” was originally meant to capture the snowboarding hero’s rise to fame and glory at the Winter Olympics. Instead, the film tells an emotional story surrounding Kevin’s injury and recovery, including his attempt to get back to professional snowboarding in 2011.

At his first post-injury professional snowboarding meet, his family and friends remained supportive, but his moves were far from Olympic caliber. After meeting with a fellow snowboarder who suffered a similar injury, Pearce makes a painful realization.

“I’m not getting past this brain injury. It’s not going away,” he says at an emotional point in the film.

Pearce now uses the Kevin Pearce Fund to educate young people about safety during sports, and spread general awareness about traumatic brain injuries. “Crashing the Reel” debuts May 19.

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