Kids as Motorcycle Passengers

This is one of those issues that divides motorcycle enthusiasts, law enforcement and legislators: what sort of restrictions should be in place for motorcycle passengers, namely kids?

The basic arguments run parallel to the ongoing discussion about helmet laws: does the government have a right to step in? On the one hand, children under a certain age may be more at risk of getting injured while riding a motorcycle, and precautions may need to be enforced to save their lives. On the other hand, can parents be trusted make decisions about the capabilities of their children instead of the government?

It is a complicated issue with no clear answer. As with many issues affecting motorcyclists, the laws in each state are very different. Most states do not have age restrictions for prohibited motorcycle passengers, save for a few:

  • Texas (under age 5)
  • Hawaii (under age 7)
  • Washington state (under age 5)
  • Louisiana (under age 5)
  • Arkansas (under age 8)

Colorado motorcycle law states that passengers must utilize footrests and ride either behind or to the side of the driver, not in front. Passengers (and riders) must also wear a helmet if they are under the age of 18.

In honor of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day on May 1, keep safety in mind if you decide to bring a child on board your motorcycle. Do your part to prevent motorcycle accidents and child injuries.

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1 thought on “Kids as Motorcycle Passengers”

  1. What are the stats in Colorado for injuries and fatalities that involve childern under 12 riding as passengers on the back of a motorcycle?

    There are currently 5 states that have an age minimum to ride as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle.
    What do you think, as a law firm at establishing a minimum age of 8 years old to ride on the passenger seat of a motorcycle. Not one with a side car, trike, or any other type of two wheeled vehicle, eg moped, dirt bike, etc
    This would conform to the Child car seat laws currently in effect in CO.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    Thank you!
    State Rep. Joann Ginal

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