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What Kind of Experience Should My Attorney Have?

As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. While no lawyer can promise perfect results, having experienced legal counsel on your side is crucial, especially in complex cases involving spine and brain injuries, trucking accidents or other complicated matters. In this video, attorney Tom Metier answers the common question: how much experience should my attorney have?

Video Transcription

It’s critically important for you and your family to have an experienced accident attorney. Someone who understands the medicine. Who can present a brain or a spine injury case in a way that a jury can understand. Who can do an accident reconstruction and work with engineers. Who has experience with 18-wheelers and the dynamics and federal regulations that are involved. This is complicated stuff. And you need them to be able to tell your story to an insurance company or a jury. And end up with a record result. Over 35 years we’ve had many record verdicts. We’re here to help you. Give us a call.