Do You Know How To Respond To A Road Rage Incident?

There’s Motorcycle Racing in Colorado And Here’s What You Need To Know About ItWhile riding with a friend down Interstate 25, a 69-year-old rider was passed by a swerving car that cut him off and engaged its emergency brake. The motorcyclist slammed into the stopped car and was then accosted by the infuriated driver. When police finally arrived, the car driver was arrested and the 69-year-old motorcyclist was taken to the hospital to get treatment for a broken arm. Unfortunately road rage incidents like this happen on the road often, but they can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists.

Do You Know How To Respond To A Road Rage Incident?

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to road rage. A car can bump us and cause a wreck, or we can be attacked by angry individuals taking advantage of the fact that our vehicles don’t have a cabin. However we can still protect ourselves from these overaggressive drivers. Here are some tips to help you defuse road rage:

  • Avoid Gesturing: Honking our horns, flashing our lights, and throwing a few obscene gestures usually just makes an aggressive driver angrier. Save the lights, horns, and hand signals for emergency situations.
  • Make Breathing Room: When on the road, we often have a tendency to close empty space, but don’t be afraid to leave a good buffer zone between you and the cars around you. It’ll give you more time to respond to a driver’s aggressive actions.
  • Let It Go: This isn’t just the title of a Disney song, you should also apply it to your riding. Getting aggressive with someone only increases the likelihood of an altercation. Instead of flashing angry looks, just give an aggressive driver some room, and let them be on their way.

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