Do You Know How to Ride Your Motorcycle with a Passenger Onboard?

You love riding your motorcycle. You’d love to share the experience with a friend or a loved one. Then it happens, somebody agrees to go on a ride with you. Great! It’s time to have some fun, but hold on a minute, the other person doesn’t have a bike. Looks like you’re about to learn how to ride two-up.

How to Ride Your Motorcycle Two-Up

  • Lesson Number One—How much can your motorcycle handle? If you consult your handy dandy motorcycle manual, it should tell you the bike’s maximum weight limits, and it should even tell you how to adjust your shocks to handle the extra weight.
  • Lesson Number Two—Safety is always paramount when riding your motorcycle, so you would naturally want to make sure your passenger has the right gear. Be ready to provide any safety gear your passenger needs if they don’t show up wearing it.
  • Lesson Number Three—Tell your passenger the ins and outs of riding with you. They need to wait for you to mount the motorcycle first. They need to hold onto you or a grip bar when you get moving, unless there’s a backrest. They need lean into the corners the same way you do, and they should never grab at your arms in an emergency.
  • Lesson Number Four—The added weight on your bike is going to make turning a little more difficult. It will also be harder to come to a stop, and you might find it easier to scrap a peg or a running board. Don’t freak out, and warn your passenger so they don’t freak out too.
  • Lesson Number Five—The main thing to remember when you’re riding with a passenger is to ride smooth. That’s the ticket to enjoying a safe two-up ride.

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