Lakewood Motorcyclist Killed After Collision with SUV

One motorcyclist is dead as a result of a fatal motorcycle accident involving a stalled SUV, according to The Denver Post. The accident happened in Lakewood, Colorado on the night of October 13. In addition to the SUV and motorcycle, two other vehicles, including another motorcycle, were indirectly involved in the wreck.

Prior to the accident, the SUV, a black Ford Explorer, was stalled in the right lane of Sheridan Boulevard just north of the West Ohio Avenue intersection. Around 11:40 p.m., two motorcycles were traveling southbound in the left lane of Sheridan Boulevard. The motorcycles were behind a slower vehicle.

The motorcyclists attempted to pass the slower vehicle by switching from the left lane to the right lane, but as they did, they found themselves on a collision course with the stalled Ford Explorer. One of the motorcycles was able to veer off course and avoid crashing into the Explorer. The other was unable to avoid the wreck. The 42-year-old motorcyclist who hit the SUV was the only person injured in the accident. He died at the scene.

Motorcyclists deserve to be able to ride without the fear that even if they do everything right, they could still be the victim of a motorcycle accident because of another driver’s negligence. However, until riding without that fear becomes a reality, motorcyclists are still in danger of falling victim to the mistakes of their fellow motorists every time they hit the road.

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