Lane Shift Could Spell Trouble for Cheyenne Motorcyclists

A lane shift on Pershing Boulevard in Cheyenne has motorists scrambling to merge at the Pioneer Avenue intersection, according to the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. Since the lanes on Pershing Boulevard were reconfigured last year, drivers and motorcyclists alike have been having trouble merging when the road quickly shifts from two lanes to one as traffic approaches Pioneer Avenue.

“This is a difficult transition, no matter how you look at it,” said city engineer Rob Geringer. “Any time you change traffic patterns, it takes people a little while to get used to it. That’s just to be expected.”

Many motorists are complaining that they are having to slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid being sideswiped by someone trying to merge at this intersection. What is catching many off-guard as they approach this intersection is that aside from the lane shift, the left lane becomes a turn-only lane, which is forcing many drivers to merge at the last moment.

“(WYDOT has) discussed adding additional signage in the area with the city,” said Tim Morton, an engineer with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. “(The city is) aware of it being a bit of a challenging merge. They might look at doing something with it in the future.”

Until Cheyenne goes from “might look at doing something” to actually doing something that solves this issue, then motorists are going to continue to be in danger of colliding at this intersection. Motorcyclists in particular may not fare well traveling through this intersection as long as it remains the same. Many motorists already do not make an effort to look for motorcycles on the road, so having an intersection where cars, trucks and motorcycles are forced to merge quickly does not do motorcyclists any favors.

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