Larimer County Detour Looks Dangerous

The intense flooding last September left a number of Larimer County roads in complete disrepair. Most notably, County Road 27 is utterly impassable in an area known as “The Narrows.” Construction to repair the road is expected to begin around June; however, Larimer County officials are considering the construction of a detour road.

Motorcyclists are concerned about the detour road in question. There is an old road, abandoned years ago, that could bypass the ruined portions of County Road 27.

“There’s a very good reason this road was abandoned in the 1920s,” said the Larimer County Public Workers Director. “It has a section on the lower end that is extremely, extremely steep and very, very narrow; very constrained.”

The road poses a number of potential hazards to motorcyclists. First of all, one section has an incline of 30 percent, described by another Larimer County official as “avalanche territory.” While researching the abandoned road, a local land agent came across historic documents indicating the difficulty of riding along the road, especially during inclement weather conditions.

While clearly unsafe, the detour would cost significantly less than repairing County Road 27. The project would cost roughly $300,000 and take a little over a month to complete. While the detour may be convenient and inexpensive, it may become a serious risk to motorcyclists who are unaware of its steep inclines and narrow passages.

The Metier Law Firm, LLC urges all motorcyclists to be careful on Larimer County’s winding roads. We are experienced motorcyclists ourselves, so we understand that spring is upon us and the beautiful mountainous vistas are calling. However, we ask that you exercise caution, because you never know when a distracted motorist will come barreling down the road, forcing you to engage in evasive maneuvers.

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