Las Vegas Woman Injured By Pit Bulls

According to CBS 8 News Now, a Las Vegas woman was recently injured by two pit bulls on the afternoon of December 2. Police reports say that the victim was walking her own dogs near Tropicana Avenue and McLeod Drive, when two pit bulls attacked the woman and her dogs. Initially both pit bulls attacked the first dog, killing it. Then, they turned on the other dog which survived the attack, but is in critical condition.

The woman attempted to defend her dogs from the pit bulls. She suffered scrapes and cuts on her arms and legs. Eventually the Clark County Animal Control officers arrived on the scene and scoured the neighborhood for pit bulls. They found and took custody of three pit bulls roaming the neighborhood.

I Have Been Injured By Neglected Dogs. Who Is Responsible?

The owner of the dogs remains unknown. Further testing is necessary to determine if the pit bulls were rabid and/or diseased. If the tests turn out positive, the victim may be in grave danger and require immediate hospitalization.

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