Law Enforcement Agencies In Oklahoma Take A Proactive Approach To Motorcycle Safety

As the weather turns warmer and road conditions improve, law enforcement agencies prepare to encounter more motorcycle traffic on area roads. In Oklahoma, at least two separate agencies are taking a “prevention is the best cure” approach to cut down on motorcycle accidents. In Edmond, Oklahoma, approximately 240 riders every year are trained in motorcycle safety by local police officers.

Using a curriculum developed by the Edmond Police Department (EPD) and approved by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office as well as the Department of Public Safety, EPD officers teach civilians how to survive in traffic making the roadways safer for everyone. The program has been so successful that the City of Edmund received a $150,000 grant to help them make it into a statewide effort.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) will also be offering their own “Motorcycle Safety Course On Advanced Collision Avoidance.” The full-day class will include one hour of classroom instruction, but most of the day will be spent with riders on their bikes getting hands on experience.

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