Law Tigers Celebrate 15th Year Anniversary and Arizona Mile

Tom Metier at Law Tigers 15th Year AnniversaryFifteen years ago, an organization dedicated to serving injured motorcyclists and sharing a love for riding was created. Since its inception, Law Tigers has provided expert legal representation to injured motorcyclists. After 15 years, we have grown into a national organization that represents injured motorcyclists nationwide and hosts riding events across the country.

What makes Law Tigers unique is that our attorneys are riders who share a passion with the people that we represent. In many ways, belonging to Law Tigers is like belonging to a family.

Over the last 15 years, Law Tigers has sponsored numerous events, both recreational and charitable. The most recent sponsored event was truly remarkable. To mark our 15th Year Anniversary, Law Tigers sponsored the AMA Pro Racing Arizona Mile at Turf Paradise. What made this event special, aside from our 15th year anniversary, is that it showcased flat track racing. Such an event has not existed in Arizona for three decades!

The event, which took place on May 14th, involved AMA Pro’s best riders. For those who are not familiar with flat track racing, races involve more than a dozen riders zipping about a track layered with clay, dirt, rock and decomposed granite. In this case, the race involved a mile-long track.

Flat track racing is exceptionally difficult and tension can be exhilarating for spectators.

Also present at the event was Tom Metier, who described what it is like to participate in Law Tigers, personally and professionally. Tom described the atmosphere at Law Tigers as a community of love and respect. When our organization hosts events around the nation, we are trying to grow a community that exists to help motorcyclists and spread a love for riding.

Thank you for a great 15 years!

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