Law Tigers Colorado Will Sponsor Emily’s Parade – Come Join Us!

School shootings and mass violence have become familiar national tragedies. The effect these events have on families is devastating and unexpected. On September 27th, 2006, Emily Keyes was killed in a school shooting at Platte Canyon High School. The last thing she ever said to her parents was a text message that read, “I love u guys”.

After Emily passed away, her family created the I Love U Guys Foundation, which seeks to strengthen rapid response plans for schools and businesses. Ellen and John-Michael Keyes devoted their lives to ensuring effective communication and rapid response plans could help prevent future mass shooting tragedies. The foundation developed the Standard Response Protocol, which establishes an organized response to mass shootings.

What Is Emily’s Parade?

Emily’s Parade is a motorcycle and memorial event hosted by the I Love U Guys Foundation. On September 27th, riders will assemble at the south parking lot of Columbine High School, the location of another infamous shooting, and travel 45 miles to Platte Canyon High School. Before setting out, attendees will listen to a short speech before launching balloons in remembrance of victims who have lost their lives to mass shootings.

Although the event is a fundraiser for the foundation, no payment is required to attend. This event is to remember Emily and others like her who tragically lost their lives. Contributions can help an organization that has already accomplished a great deal in ensuring future shootings can be quickly handled by schools and law enforcement.

Law Tigers Colorado and Metier Law Firm will attend and sponsor this event. We would be honored if you could join us for this noble cause and play a part in preventing mass violence.

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