Lawsuit Blames Police Officer for Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Nicholas Linton, 29, was riding east on I-88 near Naperville, Illinois when he attempted to switch lanes. An unmarked police cruiser allegedly clipped the back wheel, throwing Linton from his bike and into the path of his two friends, who were also on motorcycles. The impact from his friend’s motorcycle caused fatal injuries, and he died later at the scene. The accident occurred on August 26, 2011.

Now, Linton’s wife blames the officer for her husband’s passing. She filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Illinois State Police Master Sgt. David Schneider, who she says was speeding, driving with negligence and following the motorcycles too closely.

Police Deny Responsibility

The police department says that Schneider was tailing the motorcycle riders because he suspected they were speeding. According to a spokesperson, police do not pull over motorcyclists until the officer has “a license plate and identification information available.”

“For both strategic and safety reasons, you don’t want to tip a motorcycle off that you’re pulling them over until you’re ready and in a position to do so,” said spokesperson Monique Bond. She says the officer did not break protocol or play an active role in the fatal motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle lawsuits are complicated areas of litigation, especially when police departments are involved. Our attorneys are experienced motorcycle enthusiasts, and they know how to investigate an accident and prove liability. Even when victims are partially responsible, they and their loved ones may be entitled to receive damages. Call (866) 377-3800 today to discuss your potential case during a free consultation.

[Tom’s Tips: In Colorado, a maximum of two motorcycles can share a lane.]

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