Left-Hand Turns Continue to Threaten Motorcycle Safety

It was late at night when two Colorado riders on a single motorcycle crashed due to the most common cause of motorcycle collisions in America. They were riding along northbound South Parker Road in Aurora as a gold minivan driving southbound pulled up to turn onto East Temple Drive. The minivan took a left-hand turn and the motorcycle riders didn’t stand a chance.

The Problem with Left-Hand Turns

When they hit the minivan, both riders were ejected from the motorcycle. It took only minutes for the authorities to arrive, and they immediately rushed the injured bikers to the hospital, but their injuries were too severe. Both motorcyclists lost their lives.

The driver of the minivan and a passenger both escaped injury. Their identities along with the identities of the victims have yet to be released. The Aurora Police Department also did not release a cause for the crash, and they have not stated whether alcohol was involved. So far, no charges have been filed.

Left-hand turn accidents represent the most common motorcycle accidents on our roads today. They happen when a driver fails to notice an oncoming motorcycle and then takes a left-hand turn in front of that motorcycle. The resulting collision is often serious, but in this circumstance, the crash was deadly.

Motorcycle safety advocates warn motorcyclists to be extra wary near intersections, but they have a message for drivers too. Don’t get distracted, check your blind spots, and keep an eye out for motorcyclists. Don’t just look for the absence of other cars and trucks, look for everything that could be coming down the road.

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