Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Hit and Run

Actress Lindsay Lohan found herself in hot water earlier this month when she allegedly fled the scene of a car accident. According to TMZ, Lohan was driving her Porsche in downtown Manhattan when she hit a pedestrian in his 30s as she pulled into a hotel parking structure. This could cause problems for the actress because she is currently on probation and under obligation to “obey all laws.”

Accounts of the accident differ between sources. Some reports say that a passenger got out of the car and checked for injuries and damage. Lohan says this never happened; in fact, she does not remember hitting the pedestrian at all.

What the Surveillance Camera Saw

A hotel surveillance camera seems to back up Lohan’s story. A TMZ account of the surveillance from “sources connected to the hotel” say that Lohan was driving her car slowly, “at a crawl,” when she crossed a pedestrian crosswalk portion of the driveway where the pedestrian was walking. Sources say that detectives who reviewed the security footage said that Lohan may not have even hit the man, and that he is exaggerating the accident.

Police arrested her when she left the hotel later that night. She received a misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

Were she in Colorado, she would have faced a Class 4 felony charge for leaving the scene of an accident, along with up to six years in jail, in accordance with a recent hit and run law.

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