Did a Link Between Cancer and Talc Powder Lead to a Massive Lawsuit Verdict?

Talc has been a staple of personal hygiene almost since it was first discovered. The mineral easily grinds into a fine powder that readily absorbs moisture, and reduces friction. This has made talc products useful, but there’s a drawback to using talcum powder for personal hygiene. There may be a link between certain types of cancer and talc powder, and it’s that drawback that has led to a record courtroom verdict.

Has a Link Between Ovarian Cancer and Talc Powder Caused a Historic Verdict?

For nearly sixty years, a California woman was using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products, but that changed in 2016. That’s when she found out that talcum powder may have been the cause of the ovarian cancer she was diagnosed with in 2007. This discovery led the woman to court, and now her lawsuit may finally be coming to an end.

In her lawsuit, the California woman claimed not only that Johnson & Johnson was responsible for her current condition, but that the company knew about the risks its talc products posed. In documents revealed in court, the woman claimed the powder-maker had warnings about the cancer-causing effects of talc as far back as 30 years. The jury in her case agreed and delivered a record breaking $417 million verdict.

The woman at the center of this case is still undergoing cancer treatment. She has released statements asking that Johnson & Johnson put warning labels on their products. She also hopes that news of her case can help other women—all over the country—who may have been using these products themselves, only to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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