Did a Littleton Eyeglasses Retailer Hand Out Faulty Eclipse Glasses?

Total Eclipse of the SunIn the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center, there is an optics shop known for its high-class eyewear. Europtics in Littleton was even described as high-end by a Denver optometrist on Fox 31, so why is the shop being sued? Faulty eclipse glasses are now at the center of a lawsuit over responsibility and reputation, and the results could have national implications.

Is Europtics Aspen Grove Responsible for Faulty Eclipse Glasses?

Before the total eclipse, Europtics offered a deal to its customers. If you bought or picked up previously purchased eyewear, you would receive free eclipse glasses. This promotion lasted till the retailer’s supply of eclipse glasses ran out, however, troubles from this promotion have lingered.

A couple from Castle Rock have filed a lawsuit against the optics store claiming they received “unsafe and hazardous” eclipse viewing glasses from Europtics. The suit further alleged that the plaintiffs viewed the eclipse with those glasses and later experienced blurry, distorted vision and increased sensitivity to light. They claim their vision was harmed and are seeking court approved financial damages.

The store denies responsibility for any injuries caused by the eclipse glasses. It claims that the glasses were purchased for the promotion through Amazon, which is already being sued for selling faulty eclipse glasses. A statement from the store alleges that it gave the eclipse glasses out for free, and that grievances should be placed at the feet of Amazon.

During eclipse mania, Europtics also posted a blog about how to safely view the eclipse, which included a section on how to tell if eclipse glasses were safe. The store’s Facebook page also included several safety tips for eclipse viewing. It is now offer a promotion that gives discounts for any eclipse glasses returned to the store. But does this factor into the store’s responsibility to provide safe eyewear to customers?

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