Living Safer – An Injury Lawyer’s Guide to Healthy Living in the 21st Century


Life in the 21st century has transformed our society into a digital world, where individuals and families consume and use information on smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Our digital Living Safer e-magazine is produced in conjunction with legal professionals, injury lawyers, industry experts and consumer advocates to cover societal issues and ideas that can contribute to your health and safety.

For our edition of Living Safer this month, we cover the following topics:

  • Human trafficking has become a devastating and modern-day slave trade worth $150 billion. U.S. State Department statistics estimate that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year and then subjected to human rights abuses. Bringing awareness to this issue can help our readers understand the importance of getting involved and stopping this tragedy.
  • Facebook has become a staple of the modern-world, allowing individuals to connect to one another in ways that would have seemed impossible only two decades ago. However, it might also have unintended negative consequences. Can Facebook make us feel as if we do not measure up to our peers? Can Facebook contribute to self-improvement, or does it contribute to a negative sense of self? Find out what the experts say by reading this month’s issue.
  • Environmental changes will impact us and the people we love the most – our families, our children, and our future generations. This issue of Living Safer will take an in-depth look at how problems such as overpopulation, pollution, global warming, natural resource depletion, waste disposal and others will affect the environment.

The issues we have discussed for our blog today only encompass a select few that have been written about in this edition of Living Safer. Our readers can access Living Safer from a web browser, smart phone and tablet.

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