Longmont Man Dies in Motorcycle Accident

Police have identified a Longmont motorcyclist who died in a tragic accident on September 22.

According to reports from Colorado State Patrol, the 34-year-old male was riding south on the highway when a traffic light started to turn red at the intersection of Niwot Road and U.S. 287.

The truck in front of the motorcyclist stopped suddenly, leaving him little room to maneuver. The man tried to avoid the collision by swerving, but his 1992 Yamaha motorcycle slid into the intersection.

Sadly, the rider was struck by a 2012 GMC truck that was turning onto Niwot Road. Both drivers stayed at the scene and paramedics were called, but the motorcyclist was declared dead on scene. He was not wearing a helmet.

For now, police do not believe that speed, alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash, so no charges have been filed. Police have identified the man, but they are waiting to notify next-of-kin before they release that information to the public.

Every driver has a responsibility to other travelers on the road. No matter the circumstances, distracted driving is still dangerous, negligent behavior and motorcyclists are especially vulnerable.

Police often have trouble prosecuting reckless drivers if they were not under the influence, but civil cases have a much lower standard of proof. A personal injury lawsuit could help reimburse victims for lost wages and costly medical bills.

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Source: http://www.timescall.com/news/ci_26589712/state-patrol-longmont-motorcyclist-fatal-u-s-287

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