Loose Drive Shaft Kills Man in Wyoming

Trucking accidents normally involve a collision between a vehicle and a tractor-trailer. In this fatal incident, however, the truck did not even touch the vehicle involved. According to the Laramie Boomerang, the drive shaft of Robert Jackson’s tractor-trailer broke loose as Antoine Dean passed the truck on I-80 in Wyoming on July 29. The drive shaft bounced off the pavement of the interstate and broke through the windshield of Dean’s Lexus sport utility vehicle, hitting the driver and exiting through the rear window of the car.

The back seat passenger, Patricia Williams, sustained minor injuries, and the front seat passenger, Deidre Whitlock, grabbed the wheel to steer the car to the center median. Whitlock’s quick maneuvering prevented injuries to her, but the drive shaft killed Dean.

In this case, careful driving did not prevent injuries and death. Instead, faulty truck parts caused the bizarre accident. Blame is harder to place in cases where normal precautions still do not prevent catastrophic fatalities. Though the driver may not be at fault, perhaps the accident will serve to warn other tractor-trailer drivers and mechanics to check specifically for loose parts to prevent further injuries on the highway.

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