Los Angeles Experiments with Motorcycle Firefighters

California bikers who move to other states often meet the ire of local law enforcement. Unlike nearly all states (including Colorado), California bikers are allowed to engage in “lane splitting,” the act of riding between lanes of traffic on the dashed lines.

This very practice, however, puts California in a unique position that officials hope to use to save lives. Los Angeles fire departments are experimenting with motorcycle response teams. The bikes are equipped with GPS systems, small fire extinguishers, a first aid kit and an external defibulator.

By cutting through traffic and arriving at the scene early, motorcycle responders can scope the area, coordinate rescue efforts and save victims without getting stuck in traffic. In one fire, the motorcycle responder arrived at the scene before the helicopter.

Other cities have tested motorcycle response teams with favorable results. Miami fire departments were able to cut response time from seven minutes to less than three.

This sounds like a smart idea to save lives, not to mention time and money for the state.

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  1. This is a smart idea. A list on Weather.com says that San Francisco and Los Angeles are the third and second worst cities in the country for traffic congestion, respectively. Motorcycles that can zip between stalled lanes of traffic could be very influential in reducing the number of fire injuries and deaths, especially in states like California that have experienced a high rate of fires lately.

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