Machine Lets Paraplegic Walk Again

Technology does not always live up to our hopes and dreams, but in one particular case for those who cannot walk, those dreams are looking more like reality.

Agnes Fejerdy was in an auto accident in her native Hungary 7 years ago, that left her paralyzed from the waist down. As a former gymnast, life in a wheelchair proved to be incredibly tough. Recently, new technology from Agro Medical Technologies had Fejerdy walking across the floor at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Agro’s new device is called the ReWalk. It straps to a users legs and is powered by a backpack battery, using motion sensors and motors to help those who cannot walk do just that. The model used at Madonna, known as the institutional model, runs $100,000. A home version, between $30,000 and $50,000, is awaiting FDA approval.

It works for paraplegic patients who are able to use their hands and shoulders, and who have a cardiovascular system that is healthy and good bone density.

“After seven years,” Fejerdy said, “It’s the best walk I ever had.”

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