Maine Bikers Protest Noise Regulations

Maine’s state legislature passed a bill this spring to regulate the noise levels that motorcycles ridden in Maine can produce because many bikes have custom exhaust systems and pipes to make the bike sound louder. According to WCSH-6, bikers contested the motorcycle noise law on Saturday, August 13 by riding the streets of Limington, Maine. Motorcycle riders in Maine explain that loud pipes actually help prevent potential motorcycle accidents by alerting other drivers on the road of the motorcyclists’ presence, thereby keeping everyone safer.

The sponsors of the bill argue that no bike should emit more than 95 decibels of noise to control noise pollution and to prevent bikers’ hearing loss. The bill currently requires all motorcycles to display stickers on their plates, which show the bikes’ passing inspection for noise pollution.

The organizer of Saturday’s motorcyclist protest, Trevor Hamel, states that not all motorcycle pipes whose noise levels are over the limit are too loud, and he reports that a few bad bikers ruined their previous freedom. In addition, many Maine bikers feel that the new laws are unfairly targeting them.

Though the laws are currently enforced, Maine bikers admit that the court throws out many of the citations.

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