How to Make Motorcycling Safer? This Coloradoan Has an Idea

In Colorado Springs, it was around 2:45 am on the morning of April 15th when a motorcyclist and passenger slowed to take a left-hand turn onto Clarendon Drive from Hancock Expressway. That’s when a truck rear-ended the riders, sending them both to the hospital with serious injuries. This was only one crash out of the many that have happened this month alone, but one man from Denver is hoping that his new invention can help prevent collisions like this.

Can a New Invention Help Make Motorcycling Safer?

Like the couple above, Troy De Baca had a motorcycle crash in 2012 that rocked him. He had been riding motorcycles for 20 years, but after his crash, he was afraid to get back in the saddle. He wasn’t ready to give up riding though, so he decided to do something to make motorcycling safer instead.

SignalWear was the result of De Baca’s resolve to make riding safer. His safety device is a set of gloves with built in LEDs and smart technology. Riders can activate a blinking turn signal on the back of these gloves to tell other drivers when they are about to turn. Having this signal on the rider’s glove raises the blinker higher up and into the field of vision for most drivers.

De Baca hopes that these gloves will increase rider visibility and cut down on collisions. SignalWear can also wirelessly link to a motorcycle’s systems using a SignalBox, and it may also include GPS navigation functions when the product is officially released. However, that won’t happen if De Baca and crew can’t reach their fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

Will this product help take a bite out of motorcycle collisions in Colorado? Are there other devices out there to help improve motorcyclist safety? The motorcycling attorneys at the Metier Law Firm will keep an eye out, so keep visiting our blog to learn more.

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