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What Makes Metier Law Firm Different?

In this video, personal injury attorney Tom Metier explains what makes Metier Law Firm different from other firms. We put clients first, always. This means we take the time to foster strong relationships, stay in constant communication and, perhaps most importantly, we are never too busy to listen to our clients.

Video Transcription

What separates Metier Law Firm from all other law firms is the way that we treat and care for our clients and their families. We listen. We build trust relationships. We stay in constant communication to keep you up to date on what the progress of your case is. We have been a boutique specialty law firm for the most seriously injured for 35 years. Our negotiation skills, our trial skills, our technical expertise have resulted in record settlements. And verdicts in multiple states. We’re here to help those who really need it. That’s what makes us different.