Man And Wife Recovering From House Explosion

A Nebraska man and his wife are recovering from a propane explosion last June that left them with severe injuries and their 6-month-old daughter dead.

Justin McMahan and his wife Danielle were returning to their farmhouse with their baby Samantha when the accident occurred. The propane company had refilled the couple’s tank while they were away at work that day. Walking through the door, they both noticed the strong smell of propane, and began to exit the house. Before they made it out, the home exploded.

The explosion threw Justin 30 feet into the air. Danielle was thrown 100 feet and little Samantha was thrown 125 feet, where she died instantly.

The accident left Justin’s feet and legs shattered, and Danielle with a fractured neck and spine, a broken pelvis and tailbone, and crushed feet.

Justin insisted doctors not remove his knees, despite an advancing infection. He managed to fight it off, keep his knees, and now is learning to walk with prosthetics. He just went on his annual hunt with his father for whitetail deer and bagged one, despite his limitations.

Danielle has recently begun taking her first steps.

To recover from so horrible a tragedy is commendable and encouraging.

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