Man Barricades Himself on Highway I-70

Something must be in the air west of Topeka, Kansas. Twice in as many days two individuals stopped traffic on the same 25-mile stretch of Highway I-70 for several hours at a time.

This time around, a man barricaded himself in a mobile home on the highway and closed it down for seven hours.

The event occurred around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27 when police tried to pull Paul R. Berry over for driving erratically. When the police stopped him, he got combative, said he had a weapon and barricaded himself inside the vehicle. Not only did he barricade himself, he also fired shots and threatened to take his own life, all for a routine traffic infraction.

The police had to contact members of his family all the way in Michigan to help calm him down.  Eventually, they had to use tear gas to subdue him and pull him from the vehicle. Berry sustained minor injuries and authorities retrieved one weapon from the RV. The closure also caused several accidents as tried to detour onto U.S. 24 and 99.

It’s not clear if Berry has a history of mental illness or what exactly set him off although three members of his family did post on Facebook that Berry needed professional help and that they were concerned about his well being.

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