Man Dies In Motorcycle Accident With Elderly Driver

Mesa, Arizona was the site this month of a deadly motorcycle accident between a 31-year-old man on his 2009 custom motorcycle and an 83-year-old woman in her automobile.

Jeremiah Begay was struck by a vehicle while travelling westbound on 8th Street in the curb lane. Ida Jo Bufford, driving her 1999 Honda Civic, turned off eastbound 8th Street onto northbound Date, which brought her directly into the path of Begay.

The collision threw Begay approximately 40 feet, causing extensive injuries and severe head trauma. Emergency crews transported him to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, but his condition never improved. He was later pronounced dead.

The elderly Bufford’s injuries were minor, and emergency crews took her to Arizona Regional Hospital.

According to police, neither impairment nor speed was a factor in the accident.

The question over what rules should apply to elderly drivers continues to be raised, and it will be up to lawmakers to determine if mandatory testing should be done after a certain age to guarantee driving ability in the older population.

For any driver, it is vital to stay aware and double-check for motorcycle riders, and riders should never take for granted that motorists see them. It could be a deadly assumption.

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