Man Faces Tenth OVI Conviction

An Ohio man has been charged with his tenth operation under the influence offense after he wrecked his car in a ditch last week.

Ralph J. Gipple, 46, crashed his vehicle into a ditch on the Hicksville-Edgerton Road near Hicksville, Ohio. When the car came to rest, Gipple fled on foot. Police tracked him with a Defiance County K-9 officer to his mother’s house.

Gipple was treated for minor injuries, then arrested for felony OVI and taken to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio pending his initial appearance in Defiance Municipal Court.

When authorities reviewed Gipple’s driving record, they discovered he had seven prior OVI convictions in Ohio, one in Indiana and another in Florida. The current charge makes it his sixth OVI within the past 20 years, a felony in Ohio.

It is hard to imagine the courts finding much sympathy for Gripple in the upcoming proceedings. The situation does demonstrate how difficult it can be to prevent certain individuals from getting behind the wheel after drinking. It seems that nothing short of locking certain people up can keep them from endangering the lives of others.

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