Man Has License Half-Hour Before Deadly Motorcycle Crash

An 18-year-old Washington man died a mere half-hour after passing his motorcycle license test in Bellingham this week.

A spokesperson for the Bellingham police department, Mark Young, said David Swift of Sumas was riding with his brother after Swift got his motorcycle license. The two decided to take a curvy road after the completion of the test.

According to Young, Swift was waving on his brother after passing a car when he lost control. The young man hit a curb and slid. Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

The Medical Examiner for Whatcom County, Gary Goldfogel, said that speed and inattention may have contributed to the fatality.

We often stress on this blog the importance of taking proper safety precautions. Riding a motorcycle leaves you significantly more vulnerable than driving an automobile, making it vitally important that you are as careful as possible when riding.

There is no way to prepare for every eventuality, but proper training can increase your odds of handling situations in the safest way possible. Taking an authorized motorcycle safety course can provide you with training that might help you avoid a deadly motorcycle accident.

It is sad to see the death of any rider, especially one so young.

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