Man Killed Riding Homemade Motorcycle

Jerry Perez, 23, of Lee County, FL was riding home from the mall when he lost control of his bike and collided with a UPS truck.

The accident occurred on July 27, 2011 and Perez was driving a motorcycle that he had built himself just two weeks before. Authorities also believe that he was speeding, although they don’t know for sure and are still investigating to determine how fast he was going.

It is always sad and unfortunate for someone so young to die under any circumstances. At the same time, it there are things that could have been done to prevent it. According to his sister, Perez was still learning how to ride the bike and was actually afraid to ride it.

It’s not clear if he had much experience with bikes prior to this accident but, even so, if he was unsure about his one then he should not have been riding on a public street.  Eventually, yes, he would have needed to get on the street but he probably should have practiced in a controlled setting first. Add excessive speed to the equation, whether he was speeding before he lost control or as a result, and you have an accident waiting to happen. Sadly, in this case, the accident resulted in a fatality.

Perez’s friends and family are still coping with the loss and have set up a memorial at the site of the accident.

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